Majestic Optical Coatings Equipment

Some of the tools & processes we use to produce qualities

In order to provide our clients with the best quality & most importantly consistency , we created a process which ensures craftsman ship & little to no error in our thin film coatings & re-coatings

  • All of our work meets full Military specifications Click here to see the military specs.
  • All work is inspected & tested before shipping
  • We use cryogenic pumps to reduce contamination of glass during vaccum process.
  • We can coat glasses up to 24" in diameter

Our Equipment

MGF2, Vaccum Chambers, Optical monitors, Vacuum Ionization Gauge,

Pictures of our Vacuum Chambers & optical monitors.

• Meets adhesion, abrasion,

temperature and humidity

requirements of Mil-M-13508C

• Suitable for glass, plastic,

nickel-plated aluminum and

beryllium substrates

• Low temperature process for

heat-sensitive substrates