Majestic Astronomy Services

Reflective & Anti-Reflective Coatings

Majestic has an extensive background in coating reflective and refractive telescope optics. The standard reflective coating offered is Aluminum with a Silicon Monoxide protective overcoat (Al/SiO ). The average reflectivity in the visible region is 90%. This coating can be cleaned using normal optical cleaning procedures.
The standard AR coating is MgF2 for refractive optics. Please refer to AR coatings page for performance curves.

  • We will coat your secondary mirror at no additional charge when accompanied with the primary mirror. 

  • Astronomy club volume discounts may apply.

  • Removal of the old coating is done at no charge.

  • Turn around time is generally 1 week or less.

  • We can coat primary mirrors with Al/SiO up to 24” in diameter.


*Majestic Optical Coatings provides the following companies with high quality telescope mirror coatings. If you are looking to purchase a new mirror or telescope please visit the following. Teeter Telescopes, Waite Research , D & G Optical




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