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Our Story - Two Generations of Quality Products and Service

Majestic Optical Coatings has been coating optics for over 30 years. We provide thin film optical coatings for Research & Development, Prototype & Production applications. All of our products meet Military specifications.


Specializing in: Anti-Reflective Coatings- MGF2, Broadband, Multi-Layer, Ultraviolet Applications
Reflective Coatings-Bare Aluminum, Protected Gold, Protected Silver, Protected Aluminum, Enhanced UV Aluminum, AL/SIO, Neutral Density Filters, on Glass Optics, Windows, Prisms, Diamond Turned Metal Optics, & Plastics. UV, Visible, NIR & IR. Amateur Telescopes Mirrors
Stripped and Recoated.


Hi Frank, I have dealt with Jeff Decker many times. He has done my 12 inch,some 6 inch mirrors and even did my 16 inch ( even though he loses sleep overputting a 16 inch mirror in his vacuum chamber), I feel he does excellent workand he is very meticulous. I have personally seen his setup, since I drop mylarger mirrors off to him. His claim of 89 to 91 % in visible light seemsright on. He showed me his computer program that shows you the graph ofpercent reflectance vs. wavelength (nm). I don't mind spending a little extrafor the piece of mind I get with his work. I am very satisfied with my 16 inchand 12.5 inch mirrors coatings. hope this helps.

bob midiri



I think I am really going to enjoy my new telescope. BTW, Majestic Coatings did a really nice job with a very fast turnaround. I sent it Friday, and got it back today. I was really excited to get it back so fast.


Turnaround time at Majestic was less than a week. His customer service is> second to none. He answered all my e-mail questions almost as soon as I> sent them, he went above and beyond the call of duty in trying to sort out> the least horrifying shipping costs back to Canada, he followed up on> whether the mirror had made it back, and now my 21 year old recently> sleeked and yellow mirror looks brand new again, something I never believed> I'd see. I should have had this done years ago. > So my own follow-up to my query: I can and do unhesitatingly recommend> Majestic Optical Coatings to anyone looking to have their mirrors re-coated.